Healing is dependent on both Physical wellness and Mental wellness and Group Therapies play a large role in enhancing both kinds of wellness. People who work out in groups experience many-pronged benefits in the form of fitness and motivation. SPARRC recognizes this and organizes several Group Activities to help our clients commit to fitness and health. Here is a list of some of our Group Therapy activities:

  1. Run for Life (RFL) organized on a weekend every month to encourage walking and moving. 
  2. Move to Music (M2M) is a group activity that involves dancing to relieve stress and improve co-ordination and flexibility. 
  3. Breathe Right program
  4. Weekend Group Activity
  5. Special events for specific interest groups like Diabetes, Stress Management etc.

Check with your nearest SPARRC centre or call +91 965 965 0000 for more details and dates to participate in these activities.