SPARRC –Sports Performance Assessment Rehabilitation Research Counseling Institute is India’s leading Sports and Fitness Medicine Centre.

SPARRC was founded in a&p mechanic salary 2006 by Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi and Mrs. Sujatha Pugazhendi. работа Since then, SPARRC:

SPARRC has been the pioneer in  Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Aqua Therapy.

Our offering is unique – We Prescribe Exercises – Not Medicines

Our team consists of 200+ Physios, 50+ Trainers, 12+ doctors in 16 centres across 7 locations and growing.



SPARRCis the brainchild of  Mrs Sujatha Pugazhendi, who recently won The Best Women Entrepreneur Award – Tamilnadu Medium & Small Scale Industries division. Sujatha Pugazhendi along with her husband Dr Kannan Pugazhendi started SPARRC in the year 2006. Dr Kannan Pugazhendi’s expertise in sports medicine and Sujatha’s passionate entrepreneurship made SPARRC to grow rapidly.

We take immense pride in noting that the success rate for our “avoid surgery” service is very high and we have clientele from across India and several other countries.

We are now 200+ strong workforce sharing one common goal – to effectively design scientific exercise intervention to maximize performance, facilitate recovery from illness/Injury/surgery and disability in the areas of Sports, Dance, Martial Arts, Fitness, Work, Adventure Sport & Leisure.

We ensure our clients attain the priceless possession of health through Fitness.

We encourage our clients to lead an active lifestyle to be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our Mission

To effectively design scientific exercise intervention to maximize performance, facilitate recovery from illness, Injury, surgery and disability in the areas of Sports, Dance, Martial arts, Fitness, Work, Adventure Sport & Leisure.

Fitness Medicine is the prescription of exercise to keep a population healthy by:

  • avoiding inactivity through individual effort and prevent lifestyle diseases
  • increasing mobility without pain
  • minimizing the complications of chronic diseases

irrespective of age, gender and ability thereby improving the quality of life.

The Blue Lotus

SPARRC is represented in the logo by a Blue Lotus – a flower that has immense healing properties. It is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and also boosts metabolism. It is considered a cure for the general wellbeing of the body and mind

The five petals of the Blue Lotus represent the five areas of work that SPARRC is involved in, wiz.,

  1. Assessment
  2. Pain Management
  3. Prescription Exercise
  4. Counseling, and
  5. Research


The SPARRC Spectrum

At one end of SPARRC spectrum are people who come with Pain and other Lifestyle diseases – the five categories being Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular and Cancer – seeking five aspects of Basic Health viz., Cardiovascular endurance, Balance & Coordination, Muscular Strength, Flexibility and Body Composition.

At the other end of the spectrum are those seeking sports related skills viz Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction Time and Muscular endurance.

Our Team