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Excercise Prescription refers to a treatment plan that includes Exercise tailor-made for an individual to treat a specific condition. Exercises, an important ingredient of fitness, could also prove detrimental if done wrongly or by the wrong person. Care must be taken to assess the individual’s physical and emotional conditions and their daily activities in order to effectively treat their condition. Customization is key.

Exercise on prescription aims to prevent deterioration of conditions, and views exercise as a preventative health measure. It is also easier for patients to follow a prescribed course of exercise than to create a plan for themselves. Motivation to stick to the routine is higher when it has been prescribed.

What is Prescribed?
Aerobic exercise prescription – the type of exercise, duration of exercise, frequency, pre and post-session stretching etc Resistance exercise prescription – the type of exercise, total session volume, rest period, frequency, and intensity
Conditions that can be treated