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Professionals in the modern age are those that sit for long hours in front of monitors, or around a conference table in meetings. They feel exhausted at the end of their working day but have exerted very little physically. A thorough assessment of their activity/inactivity levels at work and at home, their postures and their diet is important to prescribe the right nutrition and exercise program for such individuals.

The human body was not meant to sit all day. A sedentary work day puts individuals at greater risk of injury. Pain is largely the result of muscle strain from improper set up of workstations or bad postures.

In a complete Professional Health Profile, the individuals is asked to answer details about their past activity levels, their seated posture at work – how they hold their neck, shoulder, spine and the feet. The ergonomics involved in their office – which side is the cabin door, temperature of the room, the height of the furniture – are all studied. We also assess the footwear they use, the mattress they lie on, the car that they drive and any other factor that might be relevant to arrive at their health profile. SPARRC staff are thoroughly trained in asking the right questions to get the right answers from the clients.

We also do an assessment of the food they eat, when they eat, what mood they are in while they eat, what triggers they have for eating and the timings of the day when they eat or snack. All of this is essential to draw up a prescription for the reclaiming of their health.

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