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Geriatric rehabilitation or geriatric physical therapy is the branch of medicine that studies rehabilitation and physical therapy issues in elderly to enable them to function at the highest possible level despite physical impairment. Many elderly patients suffer from multiple conditions that contribute to disability thereby making rehabilitation more challenging and slowing down the rate of progress. Rehabilitative measures must be adapted to the physiological age related decline and co-morbidities.

At SPARRC, our multidisciplinary team of Doctors, physiotherapists and fitness trainers understand that communication is very essential to geriatric rehabilitation. Clear dialogue is necessary to specifically improve any sensory impairment, including those related to vision and hearing difficulties. The goals in Geriatric rehabilitation are mainly management of impairments, development of functional independence and improvement of quality of life.

General indications for Geriatric Rehabilitation

  • Acute reversible or partially reversible injuries e.g. strain, amputation
  • Chronic progressive disabling diseases e.g. ostheoarthritis, Parkinson disease
  • Acute disabiling event due to a chronic disease e.g. stroke due to cerebrovascular disease or hip fracture due to osteoporosis.
  • Lifestyle disease management e.g. Diabetes, Hypothyroid