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Mohammed Salahuddin – Ace Triple Jumper heals at SPARRC

S N Mohammed Salahuddin is a 25 year old triple jumper who has his target set on next Asian Indoor Games in February and to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

The triple jump champ, who has been closely associated with SPAARC from the initial days of his training, speaks about his experience with Sparrc after his recent wins in several international events.

Anandhi Multiple Problems

I came to SPARRC with multiple problems. I suffered with low back pain, hip and toe pain and shoulder pain for more than 10 long years. 2 years ago, I was detected with breast cancer and underwent radical mastectomy. Even doing my daily activities like dressing etc was very difficult for me. I had actually lost my self-confidence. I came to SPARRC with a lot of hope. Underwent the treatment and rehabilitation. I amnow able to do all my activities independently. Exercises have reduced the heaviness in my body and made me feel more energetic. I love participating in the weekly group activities.

Alagammai Muthiah Avoided Surgery

I had come to Dr. Kannan for treatment of my knee stiffness and pain which I had for 8 years. Following a road traffic accident, I had injured my knees and had an open wound in the right leg. Orthopedics were treating the wound with ointments and advised me total knee replacement for both knees. Through a relative, I had heard about SPARRC and came in to meet Dr. Kannan Pugazhendhi who advised therapy and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy). I did not initially trust the magnetic therapy but after 26 sessions, the wound completely closed such that nobody could see or say I had an open wound in that area. During the same period I underwent therapy sessions and rehabilitative exercises, which helped me to get rid of my stiffness by more than 80%. I thank Doc and the entire SPARRC team, for enabling me to avoid surgeries. All of the staff were really good and helpful.

Tinu Tharique Sports Medicine

I am Tinu Tharique, 22-year old National Boxer. I had a supraspinatus tendon tear during one of my practice session. My doctor insisted on surgery, but my coach referred me to Dr. Kannan, who prescribed therapy followed by strength training. Within a month I was able to get back to my game. Now I am with SPARRC for more than a year for my strength training. The way they are approaching & assessing is really professional. Definitely the best part of my training has been at SPARRC. ACHIEVEMENTS: * Bronze in national level * Two gold in State level