MBA Internship in Health Care

Health Care demands for empathetic and quick thinking minds are
growing each day. For ages now there’s a vacuum space to bridge the
medical world and it’s consumer. Could we solve this issue that can help
medical team and management team mutually? SPARRC believes we
can. General Management of hospitals and clinic boutiques, HR
management, Finance and Marketing management, administrative skills
or even simply to run a traditional business can be learnt during an
internship. SPARRC is an unique business model that can offer the
candidates a holistic view of organising a preventive health care,
lifestyle management and pain care facility.

Salient features of the program
Ø Marketing & Communication,
Ø Soft skill training.
Ø Team building and problem solving techniques
Ø Hiring norms of the industry
Ø Administration and consumer demands.
Ø Tech/ tools and techniques in health care

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