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Exercise is not just about strengthening or increasing flexibity or increasing stamina. It is that as well as much more, involving training the Neuromuscular system to incorporate movement patterns that maximise performance and minimise injuries. At SPARRC our training program includes Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation protocols comprising of:
It is a misconception that we ought to use our time to work – in pursuit of money, food and other symbols of material life. It is when we misuse the time available for maintaining our health through our own effort, the possibility of lifestyle diseases begin. It is vital that people understand that they can prevent lifestyle diseases through their own efforts like doing regular exercises and eating healthy.


Every sport activity has its own specific training to build up fitness levels of players for the particular sport. Role of sport specific training is huge in development of decision making expertise in different sports.

Corporate Wellness Program

Prolonged working hours seated at the desk, high stress jobs involving deadlines and targets, erratic eating habits are all hazards of a white collar job.

Vocal athletes

Voice Exercise or Singing Fitness can benefit singers to improve their ability to sing. Training the small muscles that are present in the neck and chest builds the strength

Running and Trekking

Cancer is the condition of body that allows uncontrolled mitosis called cell division. It is very common for every cell to have what is called as "contact inhibition".