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List of articles published by SPARRC in various medical journals. Click on download button next to article to download pdf version of the published text.

Completion Rates and Clinical Changes of Patients Seeking Non-Invasive Treatment for Low Back Pain in 13 Centres of a Sports Medicine Institute in India

By Priyadarshini Rajamani, Hemant Deepak Shewade, Debashish Kundu, Kishore Kumar Sekaran, Santhanam Daniel Amalan, Sujatha Pugazhendi and Kannan Pugazhendi

Non-invasive Complementary Therapies in Managing Musculoskeletal Pains and in Preventing Surgery

By Sujatha Pugazhendi, MPT, Priyadarshini Rajamani, BHMS, MSc Epidemiology, Amalan S. Daniel, MPT, Kannan Pugazhendi, MBBS, MS

Sports Performance Assessment Research Rehabilitation Counselling (SPARRC) Institute, Tamil Nadu, and Indian Institute of Sports Medicine, (IISM), Tamil Nadu, India

Research – The effectiveness of Tele Pain Management and Rehabilitation Exercise