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The common causes of diseases were earlier considered as bacteria or virus. But today in the modern world, diseases caused by the lifestyle that human beings lead is the major cause which is unfortunately not recognised as such. Various diseases that are treated in SPARRC usually come from lifestyle issues.
It is a misconception that we ought to use our time to work – in pursuit of money, food and other symbols of material life. It is when we misuse the time available for maintaining our health through our own effort, the possibility of lifestyle diseases begin. It is vital that people understand that they can prevent lifestyle diseases through their own efforts like doing regular exercises and eating healthy.


By 2020, 50% of the world population suffering from diabetes will be Indians . India is the Diabetic capital of the world . About 17 million people in India are in a pre-diabetic state.


Obesity is another modern day lifestyle issue caused by overeating and under-exercising. Obesity is a simply the manifestation of excess energy that is being pushed into the system


The disease that affects the middle aged group because of blood pressure of the diastolic being more than 90 mmhg is called Hypertension. Recently WHO (World Health Organisation)

Heart Disease

60% of the world population suffering from cardiac diseases are Indians. It is of utmost importance that people understand that most of the cardiac diseases that are diagnosed


Articular Cartilage is the tissue at the end of the bones that aids in the movement in a joint. When this cartilage is damaged either by injury or by wear and tear


Cancer is the condition of body that allows uncontrolled mitosis called cell division. It is very common for every cell to have what is called as "contact inhibition".