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Kalaripayattu is an indigenous Martial Art form of Southern India. The art was practiced extensively in southern India to prepare soldiers for battle. Kalam = field and Payattu = Practice. Kalaripayattu means preparation for the battle field. When the body is ready for war, everything else takes a backseat, including disease.

CVN Kalari

Guru Shri C V Bala Nair ( C V Narayanan’s brother) was the founder of CVN Kalari in Kerala. Shri C V Narayanan (CVN) learnt the martial art form and did several stage shows and demonstrations all over the world to popularize the martial art form.

Muralikrishnan C R

Grandson of Shri C.V. Narayanan (CVN), Marali hails from the Kalaripayattu family. He bagan practicing from the age of 8 years, and was the direct disciple of CVN. He practices Uzhichil as a part of therapy in Kalari. He has his association with SPARRC for 8 years. Being the mother of all martial arts, Murali says, “It is not just a martial art, it is an art itself!” He has trained several of various age groups ranging from 8years to 50 years in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and abroad.

Practicing Kalaripayattu thrice a week for an hour can help individuals in

  • Rejuvenating their body
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Speed, and Agility
The practice is aimed at not only improving one’s physical capacity but also at improving their mental agility, sharpness and focus. This is a really useful practice for children and even older adults. Call +91 965 965 0000 to know about where you can join SPARRC Kalari classes.