Ganesh Muthu

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Ganesh has technology background and joined SPARRC as the CTO in 2012, now heading our Biomechanical facility. He is an alumnus of SIBM, with 18 years of rich experience in technology. He wishes to offer cutting edge technology to facilitate SPARRC in creating a healthy society. He is responsible for the delivery and formulation of technology so as to assist the patients who are suffering from physical disabilities, maintaining records of the past documentation of the services done with the use of the biomechanical tools.

He is involved in the process of providing appropriate training programs for the physios with a view to train them for making the right use of the biomechanical tools. He is also involved in drafting written materials that focus on the standards, rules, policies, and protocols of the maintenance, upkeep, and utilization of the mechanical equipment. He is instrumental in formulating and modifying the computer applications including the computer software and hardware that are used for biomechanical processes