Kalaripayattu is an indigenous Martial Art form of Southern India. The art was practiced extensively in southern India to prepare soldiers for battle. Kalam = field and Payattu = Practice. Kalaripayattu means preparation for the battle field. When the body is ready for war, everything else takes a backseat, including disease. 

CVN Kalari 

Guru Shri C V Bala Nair ( C V Narayanan’s brother) was the founder of CVN Kalari in Kerala. Shri C V Narayanan (CVN) learnt the martial art form and did several stage shows and demonstrations all over the world to popularize the martial art form.
The SPARRC Kalari program is run under the guidance of CVN Kalari, now helmed by Shri Gopala Krishnan (CVN’s son) and Shri Murali Aasaan (CVN’s grand son).

Muralikrishnan C R

Grandson of Shri C.V. Narayanan (CVN), Marali hails from the Kalaripayattu family. He bagan practicing from the age of 8 years, and was the direct disciple of CVN. He practices Uzhichil as a part of therapy in Kalari. He has his association with SPARRC for 8 years. Being the mother of all martial arts, Murali says, “It is not just a martial art, it is an art itself!” He has trained several of various age groups ranging from 8years to 50 years in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and abroad.

Practicing Kalaripayattu thrice a week for an hour can help individuals in

  • Rejuvenating their body
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Speed, and
  • Agility

The practice is aimed at not only improving one’s physical capacity but also at improving their mental agility, sharpness and focus. This is a really useful practice for children and even older adults. Call +91 965 965 0000 to know about where you can join SPARRC Kalari classes.